○About Me○

イラストレーター・絵本作家 アマモトユウスケの一人ユニットです。

2001年から「another room」というお店で絵本や雑貨などの創作活動開始。
2012年に「another room」を閉店後、hitsujito.として個人作家活動開始。


About "hitsujito.":

It's a fantasy world - wonderful dreamy world run by Yusuke Amamoto.

He is an illustrator and a writer of picture book.

He has started his career of an artist creating a variety of goods in an online boutique shop, another room, since 2001, where he had been working with his elderly sister and created a numerous number of works such as picture books, calendars, T shirts and paper goods.

Now he has just started his another new career as a solo artist on his own this year 2012, and has been comfortable with creating things, so-called "Kawaii" goods, featuring the pictures of a creature, "hitsuji", and children.

The creature, being called as "hitsuji", can appear everywhere in his works. The "hitsuji" is a sheep as in English though, they are as soft and fluffy as clouds and nobody really knows exactly who they are!

They can be anything and born from anywhere and some are big and some are small. they are fluffy creatures who love fun, and also sometimes they look silly and a little bit naughty.

You can find them in various places where you would not expect. So please play with them when you witness them.

By the way, "hitsujito" means "together with hitsuji ."